5 encouragements from Meal with a Message

18th June 2017

Last night was a special night – it was our 3rd “Meal with a Message”.  Our congregation invited friends and family along for a 2-course meal, and in-between the courses Robin Gray shared his testimony.

Let me give 5 reasons why it was a great evening.

1 Amos’ steak pie: a prize-winning butcher knows how to make a fine steak pie.  All the food was top drawer.

2 Everyone helping out: it was terrific to see so many helping hands, from setting up, serving food, washing up, and setting up for church again.  Even some guests piled into the kitchen to help out.


3 A good attendance and mix of ages: each time we’ve had a MWAM it has grown a wee but in size.  There was a real diverse bunch of people there- just as things should be in a church.  With over 55 people, we had plenty of mouths to feed.

4 Those invited who never came: this might sound strange to some, but personally I’m heartened when Christians invite others along, whether those invited come or not.  Most people who are invited are glad to be invited, even if they’ve no intentions of coming!  And maybe they will come to the next one……we have very good news to share with the world.


5 The message itself: Robin’s testimony was clear, Christ-centred and thought-provoking.  It was a reminder of both how low we are all able to sink, and of the grace of God, which can take us from that dark place, and flood it with light.  There was a sense of hush as the message was shared and we pray that it would lodge in the hearts of many.  Clearly, God is still in the business of changing lives.

Romans 1 v16:   For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes….