5 New People- 4 Nationalities

14th September 2017

We are thankful to the Lord for sending us 5 new people in the month of September.  It is a real encouragament and an answer to prayer.

Katka (left) hails from Slovakia and Cristina (2nd left) from Moldova.  Katka worshipped in St Peter’s in Dundee but moved to Fife for a new job.

The Penmans- Tom and Mhairi and baby Deborah (right) have moved down from Perth, where Tom was a minsitry assistant at Knox Church.  Now a Free Church ministry candidate, Tom (from Yorkshire) has 2 years of training left at ETS.  We hope to support and mentor him as a church, giving opportunities for ministry here, adding to the valuable experience he’s already had in Perth.

Tom is the second ministry candidate KFC have had in recent years, and we hope many more will now see Kirkcaldy as a good base from which to commute into Edinburgh.

Being a smaller church means that we really do feel it when people move on, but are perhaps all the more thankful when new folks arrive.  And I hope it means we can maintain a healthy family atmosphere in church.  Pray that our new arrivals would quickly feel at home, be well-supported, and be able to use their gifts.