KFC’s Refurbished Hall

29th December 2017

We are delighted that the refurbishment of our church hall has now been completed.  Our children have a much warmer and brighter room for their creche.  And our church now has much more usable and flexible space which can be used for many other things.


We are thankful to all of the engineers and tradesman who helped us along the way and did an excellent job.  The project began after structural engineers (Dryburgh Associates, Kennoway) confirmed that the hall had ties missing, which ought to have been there when it was originally built.

Wise Property Care repaired the walls by drilling a dozen 1.5 metre stainless steel rods through the walls and beams, tying them together.


Smith Joinery (Thornton) then insulated the hall using semi-insulating plaster-board.

Darren Smith (Kirkcaldy) plastered the hall for us.

Finally, after some of us slapped a few coats of paint on, Brian Blake Painting (Burntisland) painted the hall to finish the job.

You can see the job in progress from some of the photos we took along the way!

A huge thanks to all who helped with financial contributions, and for those who helped in practical ways.   We hope our church building will be well-used for many years to come.



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