November Meal with a Message Report

11th November 2017

Meal with a Message is now a key part of the church calendar for KFCers.   Sometimes simple ideas are the best and a two course meal with a gospel address between courses works really well for us.

As usual, we greatly appreciated all those who helped with setting up, cooking, washing up and setting up for church- it was a real team effort.


We cooked for 60 and 60 came along.  Nothing was wasted.  The prize-winning stew disappeared, as did the chilli and ALL the calorific desserts.

The best part was laying down our cutlery for 20 minutes and listening to Tom’s testimony.  He spoke openly and honestly of his time experimenting with different philosophies and ideas (such as Marxism and LGBT activism) which he thought would give his life meaning and make the world a better place.


However, one day he found both his true identity and what the world most needed – in Jesus Christ.  He heard of the grace of God which loved sinners  such as we are, and found forgiveness for all his wrong actions and thoughts.  Grace stopped Tom in his tracks and Jesus turned his life around.  Jesus can do that for us and no one else can.

Now Tom’s life is totally different. The contrast was obvious.  Tom spoke of his life before following Jesus as one where he used people and lived for self.  Now, with God’s help, he seeks to live for God, and serve others.


Tom finished off by answering some questions from the floor and it was obvious that the message had challenged several people.

Tom and his family are with us in Kirkcaldy for 2 years as Tom finishes his ministry training.  We are very thankful to have them and hope we see the Lord stopping many others in their tracks, convicting them of wrongdoing, and showing them the peace we can have when Jesus becomes our King and Saviour.