The de Groots in the Lang Toon

12th November 2017

It’s been a special weekend in KFC.  Saturday night was our 4th Meal with a Message.  Today our guest communion preacher was one of the Free Church’s most recent ministers- Jonathan de Groot.

It was a real pleasure to have Jonathan, Sheona and their three lovely children with us for the day.  Jonathan preached a clear and helpful sermon on God’s covenant from Exodus 24.  We were reminded of the need God’s people have of responding to God’s grace with obedience, and also of the wonderful fact that through being covered by the blood of Jesus, we now have an intimate relationship with God; our sins have been dealt with.  It is only the shed blood of Jesus on the cross that deals with our sin and brings us into a right relationship with God.


The evening service centred around the transfiguation of Jesus: how it happened, why it happened, and what it teaches us today.  We then discussed the passage together which served to enrich our fellowhip in the Word still further.

Finally, we had the chance to chat with Jonathan and Sheona about how they came to faith, about the highs and lows of 10 years in ministry, and about how their next steps in Glasgow are shaping up.  We finished off praying for the de Groots, thankful for what has been a memorable Lord’s Day.


The de Groots enjoyed their time in the Lang Toon, including a gorgeous walk near Ravenscraig Castle on a crisp autumnal day, when the colours of the sky declared the glory of God- an apt prelude to hearing of the light of the transfiguration in Mark 9.

We hope to continue praying for Jonathan and family and will follow their future steps with prayerful interest.