5 positives from our Joint Easter Service

3rd April 2018

On Easter Sunday, five Fife churches met together in Glenrothes for a joint Easter service: Coastline Community Church, Cowdenbeath Baptist Church, Newcraigs Evangelical Church, Glenrothes Baptist Church and Kirkcaldy Free Church.

Let me share 5 things reasons why it was a pleasure to be together.

1 United worship.  We met up not to be innovative or for some new experience.  Quite the opposite.  We met to hear God’s Word read and preached, to sing praises to our risen Lord, to pray together and share the Lord’s Supper together.  At the end of the evening, there was an palpable sense of having been blessed through these ordinary channels of grace.

We did not have to force a sense of unity- you cannot do that anyway.  The unity is there because we share a common belief- belief that God’s Word is true, that Jesus sacrificed himself for our sins, and that his bodily resurrection is our hope for eternal life.  We believe these things of first importance  (1 Cor 15 vs 3-5) and that makes us family.  We are brothers and sisters gathering from Cowdenbeath and Kirkcaldy, Pittenweem and Glenrothes, to celebrate the grace of God in Christ.  Jesus is our common denominator.  We trust in him.  And being united to Jesus means we are also united to one another.  You  can talk about church unity all day long, but in the simple act of worshipping together, you express that unity in a meaningful way.

2 Praying for one another.  Each church shared something we were thankful for and something we would like prayed for.  And then we prayed.  It was obvious that we all want the same thing- for God to be glorified through more people coming to faith in Christ.  It was also helpful to hear how God has been at work in other places.  Our praying will not be confined to Easter Sunday- our churches will pray on in the coming weeks and months and this will foster our unity still further.

3 Hospitality from Glenrothes Baptist Church.  We were warmly welcomed by GBC and the coffee and cakes were pretty good.

4 A healthy turn out.  Sometimes evening services can be poorly attended.  I was buoyed by efforts made by so many to use Easter Sunday evening in this way.


5 The implications of the resurrection.  Graham Kinloch preached on 1 Corinthians 15 and reminded us of the implications of the resurrection.  No resurrection- no forgiveness of our sins.  But Christ is risen- he has risen indeed.  We have hope both for this life and the life to come.

These are 5 reasons why I’m looking forward to meeting up again!