God is Still at Work

17th November 2018

It was a privilege to be at Meal with a Message tonight.  Stuart Patterson (left) came over from Easterhouse to share what God has done in his life.  Once a drug addict with no hope, change began when a minister began to pray for Stuart. Then subsequently, he was introduced to the Christian message- the good news that Jesus died to rescue and forgive us.

Stuart was given a Bible by his gran (see below) and although it had great sentimental value to him and he carried it around everywhere, he never read it!  And because he never read it, he never met Jesus at that time, who would later on transform his life, free him from addiction and fill him with God’s love and peace.

Exactly 24 years ago to the day, Stuart wrote inside the Bible while high on drugs, asking “anyone who opened it to take extra special care of it as it was the only thing he had which belonged to Granny Margaret Patterson”.

Tonight, 24 years on, God’s Word is far more than something sentimental to Stuart.  He has now read it and read it.  And he knows and loves the author (God) personally.  Stuart spoke from Mark chapter 5, of the love Jesus had for the hopeless man nicknamed “Legion”.  Jesus changed Legion and many years later changed Stuart- and Jesus is still able to do that today.  None of us is so hopeless that God cannot intervene.  We are never beyond his reach.

As usual, the food was excellent and we are thankful to all who helped with the catering, not to mention the washing up.  We left with full bellies and a warm heart, hoping and praying that more people in our community will pray to God, and ask for his help.  We long to see the men and women of our communities reading the Bible, and coming into a relationship with the God who made us, loves us, and is willing to forgive us.

Stuart now pastors Easterhouse Community Church.  This is clear evidence of what God can do – that God is still at work.  Let’s pray for Stuart’s church and the work they do.  I’m already looking forward to our next Meal with a Message, hopefully in May 2019.  Watch this space.