June’s Meal with a Message

25th June 2018

KFCers are now well in the groove when it comes to Meal with a Message events.  Our 5th one took place a few weeks ago and proved to be both an enjoyable and blessed evening.

Around 50 folks were fed like kings and queens.  It was good just to be together.  Many friends from our cafe came along, as well as new people who had never been in our church before.


Between the courses our souls were fed royally.  Our speaker spoke with raw passion, honestly and humility about his rough and troubled days before he became a follower of Jesus.  It was when he was at his lowest- in jail- that he first heard  about the love of God and forgiveness he offers.  Over time, his life was totally changed.  This was not through self-help, but through the power of God working these changes in him.  This same power continues to change lives today and could change yours!


We are truly thankful to God for a memorable evening, and one which pointed clearly and straightforwardly to Jesus Christ, as the only one who is able to bring lasting change, forgiveness, and peace with God.  We look forward to the next one in November.