5 great things about our recent Meal with a Message

29th April 2019

On Saturday, Anne Sanderson came along to share her story at our 7th Meal with a Message.  Here are 5 great things about the night.

1 The pies.  Amos, our prize-winning pie maker brought along loads of pies for us to enjoy.  I had too many.  Who ate all the pies?

2 The rest of the food.  We had superb soups and delicious desserts.  A big thanks to all who made the food!

3 The company.  It was lovely to see new faces along.  Everyone mixed well and had a relaxed and enjoyable evening.  These events have a real community feel.

4 Anne’s memories of Kirkcaldy.  Anne grew up in our town.  She shared openly some of the tragic events in her family, as well as some skeletons she found in her closet while tracing her family tree.  It was like an episode of “Who do you think you are?”

5 The message.  Anne’s story was a fascinating one.  For many years she was a Jehovah Witness, at one point spending 150 hours per month knocking on doors trying to persuade people of JW teaching.  At this time, in common with all JWs, she did not believe Jesus is God. However, God broke into her life, using a COS minister, the prayers of friends and her reading the Bible for herself to show her that Jesus truly is God, and died and rose again for us in history.  She put her trust in Jesus, and has followed him ever since.  Several of her siblings have also become Christians- it is always thrilling to hear how God works in families, saving one, and then another.