An Unexpected Partnership

24th January 2019

Kirkcaldy Free Church has been buoyed by an unexpected partnership with Grace PCA, St Louis, Missouri.  You can find their church here:

How did this all come about?  Were our American friends attracted by our abbreviated name- KFC?  That wasn’t  it.  It all came about when one of their elders- Scott Wightman- began to research his family tree.  This tree contained some fascinating figures in Scottish church history, such as Alexander Montcrieff, a covenanter.

Many of Scott’s ancestors lived within central and east Fife and beyond, which prompted him to find out what like-minded churches were still in the area, and led him to us.  Scott got in touch, which after a flurry of emails, resulted in him visiting our church, together with his wife Kris and aunt Jackie (pictured above).

We had a wonderful time getting to know one another and explored the possibility of linking together, to mutually encourage one another.  This has now happened through the PCA’s U.K Partnership:

It was particularly special to have the Wightmans meeting up with our elders (below).

Three things strike me about this partnership:

1It truly is amazing how God brings people together in his providence.  What began as one man delving back into his Christian heritage has resulted in the confluence of 2 churches, and an embryonic relationship.

2We are looking forward to some transatlantic praying!  At a time when the church in Scotland is terribly weak, the prayers of our brothers and sisters in St Louis will be valued all the more.  We need a demonstration of the Spirit’s power here (1 Cor 2 v4).  And we want to know the best ways we can be praying for our new friends (Phil 1 vs 4-6).

3The love of God’s people- I’ve been humbled at how concerned our US friends are in the challenges faced by the Scottish church.  Their love is obvious and means a lot to us.