First-hand Reports from the Persecuted Church- this Sunday

7th May 2019

This coming Sunday morning we are privileged to have a Steadfast Global speaker who will share first-hand about what is happening on the ground.  This will be followed by a church lunch.  He writes:

“Persecuted Christians matter to Jesus and so they matter to us! For over ten years Scottish ministry Steadfast Global has been serving followers of Jesus in some of the most hostile nations on the earth. Our vision is simple: we are determined to be steadfast in serving God and steadfast in serving his persecuted people. It’s not just about speaking out; it’s also about going out! That’s why you’ll find us out and about across Scotland sharing stories of what it really means to serve Jesus and also find us making our way through airports around the globe as we travel to help make a difference  through our projects.

Already in 2019 we’ve been on the ground in Ethiopia where on 9 February ten Christian churches were attacked and badly damaged. Our purpose in going was to encourage, establish the facts and help with the repair and rebuilding of the affected churches. We’re also just back from Northern Iraq where our team of medical volunteers served many of those still displaced because of ISIS. We go because God has sent us. We go because we can make a difference. We go because God is working through us! Thanks for standing along with us!”