New Audio-Visual Set-up!

5th May 2019

Yesterday was a good day.  Not only did John Higgins win an epic semi-final in the snooker world championships, but in KFC, some friends from Glenrothes Baptist Church came to install a much-needed new audio-visual set-up for us.  Our old one was out-of-date and no longer fit for purpose.  What a difference today in the sound quality!

We now have a much more flexible space for ministry and hope to put the screens to good use in the coming days, as we teach God’s Word.  And we now have a sound system which should help those who have hearing loss.

We are most grateful to Matthew and Stevie G from GBC for giving so much of their time to help us- especially on a Saturday!  We could not have done this without them, and have been blessed by their kindness and thoughtfulness.

Yes, it will take us a wee while to get used to having a few more knobs and buttons- but we’ll get the hang of it!