Shared Life: a book review in 4 sentences

8th March 2019

The following is a 4-sentence book review of “Shared Life: the Trinity and the Fellowship of God’s People” by Donald Macleod.

Sentence 1:

The first section of this excellent little book considers the Biblical evidence that there is one God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit; and how this evidence forced early Christian thinkers to formulate the doctrine of the Trinity as we know it.

Sentence 2:

Professor Macleod tackles this challenge, and the attacks on the doctrine from sects like the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons and from the other great Abrahamic religions, Judaism and Islam, with the clarity, wisdom and graciousness we’ve come to expect of one of the finest Christian communicators of the modern era.

Sentence 3:

The great value of the book, however, is the way Professor Macleod teases out the practical implications of the Bible’s teaching for our own personal relationship with God, and our relationships with one another in the fellowship of the Church – the Trinity isn’t just for theologians in ivory towers, but for you and me, God’s people facing the hurly-burly of life today!

Sentence 4:

So read this book which challenged me about the way I think about, pray for, and support my brothers and sisters in Christ; and learn more about the one God we worship, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, allowing the love of the Trinity for one another, and for us, to impact our lives in this fellowship of God’s people.   (TF)


You will find copies of this book in our church library.