A royal invitation

Jesus has died an atoning death and risen again and all those in the highways and byways need are the empty hands of faith. They just need to accept the invitation with thanks. You might reject God’s grace, but he is determined to have a people. Don’t assume you will go to Heaven. Don’t refuse the invitation, but urgently accept it.

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Jesus’ desire to rescue the lost

In a culture which likes to blame others for the wrong choices we make, let’s learn from Jesus’ sobering words ‘You were not willing’. These words come to us today, and remind us that if we refuse to trust in King Jesus and submit to him, then we shall be eternally lost, and we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

May the steely and determined love of Jesus and his compassion draw us to place our trust in him today. Now is the time to respond to him, before it’s too late.

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The burning question

‘Will many people be saved’? Jesus replies with a question, ‘Are you saved’? Don’t be deceived. Don’t kid yourself. Entering the Kingdom of God isn’t about your status. You might have been a church elder, minister, tither, you might have tried to keep the Lord’s Day, but without a living relationship with Jesus, all of this counts for nothing, and we will be thrown outside, and not enter Heaven. Let me ask you today, are you assuming that God is pleased with you, but you are deceived? How can you know? It’s all about your response to Jesus Christ. Unless you love and follow and trust him, you shall be lost.

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