No-one is beyond Christ’s capacity to save

We ought to expect people to become Christians more than we do. God is still seeking and saving the lost. Some of the seed that we sow will fall on good soul. Let’s earnestly pray that God would use the weekly preaching to save the lost. Let’s pray and pray that God would use our witness to save the lost.

Perhaps God has been stirring up your heart in recent days. You are becoming curious about Jesus and want to see what following him means. Turn from your past, and place your trust in him. He will never let you down.

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Faith versus doubt

It may be that we go through months, and even years, in a spiritual wilderness, becoming cynical about the Christian faith, doubting that God is in control and doubting his promises. It’s vital that we keep our focus on the beauty, sacrifice, love and grace of Jesus. It’s vital that he, and he alone, is the object of our faith.

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