Daily Devotional

Walk with meIt’s nearly the beginning of a New Year – a time when we often reflect on resolutions, habits, and disciplines. I’ve been more disciplined in 2019 in physical exercise than I have been for many years, and feel the better for it. However, I’m reminded by the verse in 1 Timothy 4 v 8 that while ‘bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life, and also the life to come.’

Just as there’s no short-cut to physical health, there’s not one for spiritual health either – it involves thoughtfully spending time in the Word of God. This ought to be a joy for us and not a chore.

Sometimes, though, it’s good to have some help and encouragement in our devotions. ‘Walk With Me’ is such a help. What is it? It’s a daily devotion written by Rev Billy Graham. Billy was actually a minister of Kirkcaldy Free Church back in the 1960s.  His reflections are those of a mature believer, who has served the Lord faithfully through many circumstances. It’s designed for young and old alike!

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This is what Billy has to say about his devotional aid: ‘These devotionals were originally intended to be shared with my family but I am now happy to share them with my wider family in the church! There is not a theme running through the book other than the Bible itself. I have, however, aimed to take references from all areas of the Bible as I have always had great joy in every part of God’s word. In deciding to compile these simple ‘snippets’ I was thinking of folk who were true believers in Jesus, others who may be believers but who need reminding of our glorious inheritance in Jesus Christ and some who may not yet be believers. A number are directed more to younger folk, others to an older group but I hope all of them may have something to say to everyone. You will not find ‘heavy’ theology here but I hope you will always find God’s truth!’