Take it all in

Author: Tony Fowler
Posted: 4th May, 2022

We were out for a walk on Friday in Ravenscraig Park. The weather was dull; there was mist hanging over the Forth. Yet, in this strange light, the colour of the Bluebells seemed exceptionally vibrant. It wasn’t what you’d normally think of as blue, nor was it purple; and somehow it wasn’t just half way in between! As we stopped to admire their beauty, we were amazed, too, as their scent assailed our nostrils. It was almost overpowering. And as we stood there, feasting our eyes and noses, we also became aware of a Song Thrush gi’ing it laldie, filling the air with its beautiful tune. So much to enjoy, to thrill our hearts. And yet other people were just stomping along on their walks: calling to a recalcitrant dog, talking to a companion, chatting on the ‘phone, or with earplugs blasting out the latest chart topper – blind and deaf to God’s wonderful creation all around them! Instead of rushing on to the next engagement, why didn’t they take the opportunity to stop and look, to listen, and to savour the aroma – and to praise the God who made it all?

After coming home, I realised I’m just like them when it comes to my Bible reading. I took up the challenge John set us at the beginning of the year, to aim to read through the whole Bible in a year. I haven’t done this for several years. And it’s a great thing to do. It helps us see our favourite books and verses in their proper context. It gives us a panoramic sweep over the whole of Biblical history. And yet, in the rush to complete the three or four chapters for each day, I frequently feel I’m missing the opportunity to stop and look more closely at what’s staring me in the face. God has so much to reveal of Himself to us through His Word. Instead of dashing on, I need to take time to savour the precious truths God’s Word opens up before me. Sometimes, just to take a single verse and meditate on it, to chew it over, to draw out the truth that would nourish my soul and deepen my relationship with the Lord. Oh, how good it is to stop, and look, and listen to what God’s saying… to me! It fills me with gratitude and praise.

And I should do it much more often than I do!