The fields are white for harvest…

The fields are whies for harvest...

Lent Devotional : Truly, truly, I say to you.

Chapter 7: The fields are white for harvest (John 4:31-37)

In my recent readings of truly, truly I say to you, I have been reminded of the simplicity of the gospel. Spurgeon speaks about his own conversion hearing the words, ‘Trust Christ, and you shall be saved’ and that was it, he can’t remember anything else that was said. It’s a simple message and God’s power is capable of doing things we don’t understand with that message.

I definitely underestimate what God can do in the people around me, that a conversion doesn’t need to take years of pestering, although it may. It’s a helpful encouragement too, with a plain message the words are simple in God has the power to use them in us, and those around us. It was also a helpful reminder that being evangelical, telling people about the Gospel, is good for our own spiritual health. The great commission to go and make disciples of all nations, is not an optional extra in our faith but something that it’s just as important as all we do with our relationship with God.

I think we all try to spread the Gospel but when we realise it’s important for spiritual health, it makes it a vital thing.

“Some of you good people, who do nothing except go to public meetings, the Bible readings, and prophetic conferences, and other forms of spiritual dissipation, would be a good deal better Christians if you would look after the poor and needy around you. If you would just tuck up yourselves for work, and tell the Gospel to dying men, you would find your spiritual health mightily restored for very much of the sickness of Christians comes through their having nothing to do. All feeding and no working makes Men spiritual dyspeptics [suffering from indigestion] Do but win souls, beloved, through the power of the Holy Spirit, and you shall find it to be a perennial spring of joy in your own souls.”
Charles Spurgeon: ‘A Golden Sentence’ (Sermon #3135)