The Light of the world

He will not abandon us

Lent Devotional : Truly, truly, I say to you.

Chapter 15: ‘I am the Light of the world.’ (John 8:12)

As I reflected on the meditation in chapter 15 of our Lent Devotional, I thought of a day not long ago when looking out on a dark cloudy sky the sun suddenly shone on the gable end of the house opposite… It was as if a light bulb had been turned on. It only lasted a moment but l immediately felt better and I then thought about Jesus who is ‘the light of the WORLD, the light that shines in the darkness.’

What a wonderful promise He gives us as His followers, (followers of the Light), that when we go through troubled times – and we will at some time in our lifetime – He will not abandon us, that ‘whoever follows me will not walk in darkness but will have the light of life.’

I love what Spurgeon says;

“Oh [if you were] without Christ, my soul, what would you do in the world without Him, in the midst of its temptations and cares? What would you do in the morning without Him, when you wake up and look forward to the day’s battle? What would you do if He did not put His hand on you, and say “Fear not, I am with you? And what would you do at night, when you come home jaded and weary, if there were no prayer, no door of access between you and Christ? What would we do without Christ in our trials, our sickness? But, beloved, we need not suppose such a thing, for we know that He never forsakes the work of His own hand? Of every day and every night, of every joy and every sorrow, The Lamb has been, until now, our light and shall be till we die.”


‘The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?’ (Psalm 27:1)