Over the next few weeks we will be praying for mission as a congregation with different focus every few days.

#1 Praying for our F.A.N.S.

This is the particular focus going forward in the prayer life of the congregation, our non-Christian F.A.N.S. our family members, friends, acquaintances, neighbours, and a stranger or two.

Please remember your non-Christian F.A.N.S. in prayer. Thinking through how you might move towards these people in love in the coming days, weeks, and months.

#2 Praying for our friends, Grace PCA in Missouri, USA

We have enjoyed partnership in the gospel in recent times with Grace PCA and particularly Scott Wightman, who is an elder there, and his wife Kris who have visited us at KFC. Our minister and his family were also able to go and visit the Wightman’s and Grace PCA a few years ago, so if you have any more questions about the church, ask John on Sunday. In the meantime, you can browse their website here.

Onto the matter of prayer, the elders at Grace PCA have asked us to pray for the following things:

  • As a new year begins pray for new opportunities to reach their community.
  • Vision from the leadership going forward.
  • Giving thanks that things are going well and pray for that to continue
  • Pray for the new men’s ministry starting up.
  • Pray that they’d grow in unity and love.
  • Pray that they’d share the gospel more with their community.

#3 Praying for Kingdom Park

  • Please give thanks for the outreach which took place last month in Kingdom Park.
  • Pray for the connections made, that those connections would bear fruit in coming weeks, months, and even years.
  • Pray for those who received the welcome packs that they would read the gospel tracts, meet with the God of the scriptures and be saved.

#4 Praying for the church plant in Levenmouth

  • Please give thanks for the financial provision seen thus far for the church plant and please pray that the last couple of thousand pounds would come in.
  • Please give thanks that the core team will be meeting for the first time next weekend for fellowship.
  • Pray that the core team would grow closer to one another and that we’d set our sights on Jesus and His mission.
  • Please pray for a conversation that I had with a friend called Callum about the Lord. We spoke for 2 1/2 hours about the Lord and he went away with a New Testament. Callum is an old friend lives in Leven and it’d be great to see him coming to know the Lord
  • Please pray for us as a core team to make good connections with those in the community that many might come to know Jesus

#5 Praying for the the Gallatown area of Kirkcaldy where KFC is based

It is an area which knows a lot of need materially and spiritually with high levels of poverty and drug and alcohol abuse and little spiritual fruit coming from engagement with people in this community.

  • We can give thanks for our longstanding witness in the community.
  • We can give thanks for Rab’s connections with folks in the Gallatown and wider Kirkcaldy.
  • Please pray for the few people from the community we’ve seen in and around the church over the last couple of months such as Andrew and Stephen. Pray for gospel fruit from their time with us in different capacities.
  • Pray for better inroads into the community with gospel fruit coming from it, that God may use things like the Burns Supper and the regular cafes to build that bridge between the church and the community.

While this is not necessarily a mission point, please pray for our neighbours at Rejects who tragically lost a member of staff whilst on shift last week. Pray for them in their grief that they might cry out to God and find comfort in Him.

#6 Praying for good contacts to be made at the Burns Supper evening

We pray for strengthening fellowship within our church family and also that we may be able to reach out and welcome new people in the local community.

#7 Praying for evangelism

Evangelism can be a discouraging task, very often it’s something we do on our own and so it can feel very isolating. It’s important therefore that we pray for one another in our evangelism.

  • Pray that God would give us courage in our evangelism.
  • Pray that God would give us increased confidence in him and his gospel.

#8 Praying for our friends on the other side of Kirkcaldy, Newcraigs Evangelical Church

  • Let’s give thanks that they’re about to welcome a new minister.
  • Pray for the new minister who is coming, that he may know a season of fruitfulness and blessing at Newcraigs.
  • Pray for the growth groups, that they’d be a means of growing closer to each other, to God, and that as they grow closer to God and each other, they’d reach out to unbelieving neighbours with the gospel.