One Good Owner

Title: One Good Owner
Author: Murdo Murchison
Book Review: Tony Fowler

One Good OwnerWhen I worked as an accountant at the Scottish Gas headquarters in Edinburgh (many years ago, prior to privatisation, when it was still part of the nationalised British Gas), one of the “high heid-yins” from London did a tour of the offices. He came to the section I ran, thanked us for the excellent work we were doing, and encouraged us to press on. As he left, one of my colleagues, Jim, summed up the visit with his usual sense of humour: “Well… would you buy a used car from HIM?”

This book, ‘One Good Owner’, is by someone you could trust when buying a used car. (JJ bought three cars in a row from him!) And that was his job for much of his working life. Murdo Murchison was born, and grew up, in Kyle of Lochalsh, with the Cuillins of Skye in the background. The book tells the story of his early life in the Highlands, and of how he came to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as a teenager, following a time of revival after a visit by young Faith Mission workers to Kyle in 1970.

Working originally in the family garage business, Murdo moved to Inverness in 1982, before establishing his own car sales company near Stirling. There he helped plant Stirling Free Church, alongside others, and was involved in preaching.

Interwoven with events from his life are the details of his battle with the brain tumour that Murdo knows will end his life on earth. Though completed in what were likely to be the final six months of his life, Murdo’s book is far from being doom-laden. Rather it reveals a living faith in a loving Lord, a faith that looks forward to its fulfilment in the glory yet to come.

The book’s subtitle, ‘God is in the Driving Seat’, expresses clearly Murdo’s confidence in his heavenly Father. Reading it will encourage us to rely on Him in the challenging times we all face at one point or another in our lives. The book is written in a lively style, and I commend it to you.