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In this time of social distancing, we're still 'open for business' and we offer a number of services and devotionals online. We do hope you can join us.

Church Services
Church Services

Sunday 11 am: Morning service – Pastor John’s Facebook live-stream

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Evening Devotional
Evening devotionals

Sunday 9pm – KFC Facebook live-stream
Thursday 9pm : Stephen Allison, Kiltarlity Free Church.

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Prayer meeting
Prayer meeting

Wednesday 7:30 pm: Prayer meeting on Zoom

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Coffee & chat
Morning Coffee

Friday 11 am: Coffee & chat on Zoom

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Studies in John’s Gospel

The glory of God

And now, Father, glorify me in your presence with the glory I had with you before the world began.’ (John 17:5)

Sermon: Sunday, 24th May, 2020
John 17:1-5

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Kids’ Art

Kids' Art

Learning verses – in colour!

A number of our younger members are learning verses and producing some great artwork. Looks like the Kids' room is going to be very colourful! Today we have 3 more pictures to add to the gallery. Please keep them coming! You can see all the images by clicking on the READ MORE button.

About us

We are a Christian fellowship that welcomes you whoever you are.

About us

After lockdown, why not pop in for a visit?

The main emphasis of our worship is the preaching of the gospel – the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. We believe this message is relevant to your life and so invite you to come along to any of our meetings.

From the blog

Renewing our strength

Mount up!

I must have a sentimental streak within me because there are some items (probably to my wife’s frustration) that I never seem to throw out. I came across one the other day - a badge which is now nearly 40 years old. It’s a Campaigners badge. Campaigners was the uniformed organisation I attended in the church I grew up in.

Jennifer Paul

The power of prayer

When I was a child my family lived very near a Baptist Church and one day a lady from that church came around the tenement building asking if she could take the children to Sunday School. My parents agreed – I think they enjoyed the children free time. I also remember going to her home with other children to learn songs and ‘party pieces’ which would be performed before parents at a soirée.

At some point my parents decided to attend church themselves but as we were nominally Church of Scotland folk we went there.

Many years later I returned to my home town on a visit and met this lady in the street. Can you imagine my surprise when, after I told her I had become a Christian, she said “That’s another one I can score off the list”. Here was someone who hadn’t seen me in years yet prayed faithfully for the conversion of all the children she had had contact with. Here was another link in the chain used by the Lord to draw me to Himself.


God directs our path

Last Summer we ‘accidentally’ moved to Fife! After many years abroad, we were looking to settle in Scotland, ideally somewhere near my family in and around Glasgow. We intended to rent initially so we could take time to look for a suitable home but, with two large, boisterous dogs, finding a suitable property and an understanding landlord, was quite challenging. The final property we saw was a beautiful stone cottage on a working farm here in Fife which has turned out to be wonderful in every way.

I had thought about attending Church with my family in Glasgow but the logistics are impossible so I had to look for a new place to worship. This is no small thing and was the subject of a great deal of prayer. And here I am at Kirkcaldy Free Church. I’m so appreciative for faithful Bible-based preaching, for lots of Psalm singing and for a truly warm and loving welcome.

The arrival of Covid 19 is proving challenging for us all and I see God’s hand in guiding us to a safe and supportive situation and also the opportunity to serve Him by serving others.

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