Sunday Sermon

John Johnstone
19th March, 2023

The path to forgiveness

Given that there was a path of forgiveness for even the very soldiers who executed Jesus, then God will be willing to forgive you your sins if and only if you turn from your sins and ask for his forgiveness, based on what Jesus has done on the cross.

What’s on

Sunday worship
Sunday worship

• Sunday Morning worship at 11:00 am
• Sunday Evening worship at 5:30 pm

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Prayer meeting
Prayer meeting

• Wednesday 7:30 pm
Prayer meeting on Zoom / or in person at church

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Saturday Cafe
Community Café

• Every alternate Saturday from 10am – 1200
• 4th and 18th March
• Admission free

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Studying together

A devotional for Lent

This year, Lent runs from Wednesday the 22nd of February to Thursday the 6th of April. We’re hoping each of you will work through the Gospel of John during this time, using the devotional 'Truly, truly, I say to you' by Adam Ramsey with insights from Charles Spurgeon.