Sunday Sermon

John Johnstone
15th May, 2022

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A royal invitation

Jesus has died an atoning death and risen again and all those in the highways and byways need are the empty hands of faith. They just need to accept the invitation with thanks. You might reject God’s grace, but he is determined to have a people.

Don’t assume you will go to Heaven. Please don’t refuse the invitation, but rather accept it as a matter of urgency.

What’s on

Sunday Morning Worship

Your are warmly invited to join us for Sunday Morning Worship at 11 am. Creche facilities and Sunday School are available.

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Sunday Evening Service

Your are warmly invited to our evening service at 5:30 pm. At present we’re going through the Old Testament Book of Numbers.

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Prayer meeting

Prayer meeting on Wednesday 7:30 pm on Zoom. This is normally done by invitation. If you’d like to be included, please contact us.

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Book Review

An Irregular Candidate : Jackie Ross of Blythswood by Irene Howat
Reviewed by Tony Fowler

Book Review

An irregular candidate

Jackie Ross was a man of boundless vision and energy; but, perhaps above all, of deep compassion for those heading to a lost eternity.

A letter, written in the last days of his life, contained a plea to 'those who will follow me soon enough' to be reconciled to God. He wrote: 'We all need Christ, and all we need is Christ.'

Jackie was a faithful pastor to the end of his life... and beyond!