Sunday Sermon

Speaker: John Johnstone

Open Bible

Who is Jesus?

Jesus’ identity is a theme we find throughout the gospels, and rightly so, because everything hinges on the answer.

What’s on…

Although some COVID regulations remain in place, we can, nevertheless, offer a number of activities both at Church and online. We're very pleased to be able to offer Sunday School and Crèche facilities once again.

Sunday Morning Worship

• Sunday 11:00 am
We are pleased to be able to meet in person in the church premises.

Evening devotionals

• Sunday 8:30 pm
Live stream on KFC Facebook page

Prayer meeting

• Wednesday 7:30 pm
Prayer meeting on Zoom


Book Review

Book Review

Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ

The book is a series of thirteen short meditations on the glory, character and work of the Lord Jesus. Each chapter is saturated in Scripture, which means that we’re going to the central source of our knowledge about the Lord. It also means that while the book can simply be read as it stands, it can also be used as the basis for deeper studies. A prayer follows each meditation, enabling the reader to pray what she or he has learned into their life’s experience. Some might find the book useful for a series of daily devotions.