God directs our path

Last Summer we ‘accidentally’ moved to Fife! After many years abroad, we were looking to settle in Scotland, ideally somewhere near my family in and around Glasgow. We intended to rent initially so we could take time to look for a suitable home but, with two large, boisterous dogs, finding a suitable property and an understanding landlord, was quite challenging. The final property we saw was a beautiful stone cottage on a working farm here in Fife which has turned out to be wonderful in every way.

I had thought about attending Church with my family in Glasgow but the logistics are impossible so I had to look for a new place to worship. This is no small thing and was the subject of a great deal of prayer. And here I am at Kirkcaldy Free Church. I’m so appreciative for faithful Bible-based preaching, for lots of Psalm singing and for a truly warm and loving welcome.

The arrival of Covid 19 is proving challenging for us all and I see God’s hand in guiding us to a safe and supportive situation and also the opportunity to serve Him by serving others.