Focus on the primary things…

As a church family we must focus on the primary activities of prayer and preaching. It’s easy for secondary things to push out the primary things. And as Jesus did, we want to examine the Scriptures to ensure the all of the ingredients of worship are included in our services. Are the churches in Scotland squeezing out prayer and preaching by giving them little time? It’s easy for this to happen. Our services must concentrate on honouring our heavenly Father.

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The triumphal entry

What’s your response to Jesus? If you wish people would just keep quiet about him then you’re in a dangerous place. You cannot have a neutral response to Jesus. Either we trust in him as our Saviour and King, or we reject him as King and act as if we don’t need a Saviour.

Friends, Jesus is the King, who offers you peace. Will you submit to him? Will you trust him? Will you follow him?

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Investing in the Kingdom

It’s not what we do that earns us a place in heaven; that’s a free gift, through believing that what Christ has done on the cross. That’s how we get pardon and forgiveness. It is all of grace, all of God. There’s nothing we can do to earn even a part for that. But we will know whether we have believed by the way we respond.

Christ has given us all we could need for living a real, authentic, Christian life: Let’s walk in the daily walk of faith and use the investment that God has made in us, for his glory alone.

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