Problem, solution and purpose

We’re surrounded by people who really don’t know what the point of life is. They try to keep busy so they don’t need to think about it. They have no power to make lasting change, and no hope for life after death. Perhaps you are a wandering sheep today. What do you need to do?

You need to return to Jesus the true Shepherd. Only he can love you with a perfect love. Only he can forgive your sins and provide you with all that you need. If you come to him, he will be your Guardian, your Overseer. In other words, he’ll watch over you and protect you. What a blessing, to have Jesus promising us his eternal protection and love and care. Come to Jesus without delay.

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Jesus’ heart for the sick

Are you a Christian this morning who is weighed down by your own weakness? By a long term illness or disability? Remember where our hope lies, our hope is not in this life, but in the life to come where sickness, suffering, pain, and disability will be no more. Lift your weary heads this morning and see the hope he has laid up for you in heaven.

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Jesus, the one who is glorious

As we get ready to come to the Lord’s Table, remember this is Jesus, the one who is glorious because he took away the sting of death for you and me. This is Jesus, the one who is glorious because he took the punishment for our sin, this is Jesus who removes all memory of our sin, this is Jesus who helps us fight temptation and live for God.

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Faith versus doubt

It may be that we go through months, and even years, in a spiritual wilderness, becoming cynical about the Christian faith, doubting that God is in control and doubting his promises. It’s vital that we keep our focus on the beauty, sacrifice, love and grace of Jesus. It’s vital that he, and he alone, is the object of our faith.

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Four types of soil

Parables give us the best chance of seeing, hearing and understanding spiritual truths and the parable of the sower is no exception. The problem is with us; with our dull hearts, our stopped ears, our closed eyes, and our innate spiritual unconsciousness.

Each individual is represented by one of the 4 different soil types referenced in this parable. As Christians we should desire with all our heart to be the good, fruitful, soil.

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